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Best practice HR within minutes

DiffuzeHR delivers a best practice HR system and the smarts required to systemize and simplify, ramp your professionalism, and gain proactive control.

Benefits of DiffuzeHR

It's time to take your service to the next level of HR professionalism and efficiency – freeing up time so you can focus on what really matters. With DiffuzeHR you will:

1 – Minimise your risks

Have the HR expertise in-house to ensure proactive control, reducing your risk of litigation and giving you completepeace of mind.

2 – Reduce your legal fees

Forget spending money and wasting time waiting for your lawyer to draw up legal agreements, company policies, management letters and forms. It’s all ready to go, at your fingertips. Over half our customers have saved up to $10,000 annually on legal fees.

3 – Decrease your admin time

Every aspect of the system is streamlined for maximum efficiency – saving time for both managers and employees. Email reminders will let you know who you need to chase and when, and everything will be automatically recorded in your secure online portal. In fact, 87% of our clients have saved up to 10 hours per month on HR admin, with 13% able to reduce their admin staff.

4 – Attract and retain staff

You’ll know exactly what to do to find the best staff for your business, and then performance-manage them for success. You’ll also know how to make them feel valued, leading to improved staff retention.

5 – Leverage best-practice expertise

Not only do you get a system, you get the smarts. Every aspect has been developed by industry experts, giving you access to best-practice HR expertise that you couldn’t otherwise afford for maximum professionalism.

6 – And, do it all easily!

We’re passionate about ease-of-use, so the system is intuitive and user friendly. You’ll get a dedicated consultant to thoroughly train your administrator, ensuring your team is up and running and getting maximum bang for buck straight away.

All in all, DiffuzeHR is a very small change in the way you do things for a massive return: hours of time, thousands of dollars, and complete peace of mind!

Get the inside scoop

Watch our short intro video to see the system in action, learn about set up (it’s super easy!), and find out how DiffuzeHR will completely transform HR in your business.


A best practice HR system that puts you in control

Everything you need at your fingertips to streamline staff management, save time, meet the legislative requirements, and put you back in control.

Legally compliant HR documentation

Role-specific employment contracts, policies, letters, and role statements automatically updated to reflect industry changes.

End to end HR system

Manage your company’s HR lifecycle, including the system, storage, documents and processes.

Electronic onboarding

New employees read and sign all their documentation before they start whilst working through induction processes, guidelines, and probationary reviews. Plus, email reminders to ensure you know exactly what needs doing.

Employee self service

Everyone gets access to an online portal to read and sign documents and update their employee information. A true paperless environment, designed to save you valuable time in chasing employees up.

Performance reviews

Simple and easy-to-use performance appraisal system to manage your team members for success, increasing productivity and staff retention.

Performance management

Reduce your risk of unfair dismissal claims by managing under performers in line with compliance requirements, and keeping a complete and auditable transaction record.

Secure, cloud based data storage

Rest assured that your data is completely safe – stored and backed up in the cloud on secure, Australian servers.

On-call support via email, phone, video, and guidelines

Access to a range of support channels including phone, email and videos – so you’re never alone and get maximum bang for buck from the system.

HR Legal support

As part of the Diffuze service*, HR Legal will provide general information (by phone or email support) about:


  • Award coverage including information about classifications
  • Minimum Award rates of pay
  • Shift allowances and penalty rates
  • Employer obligations under the National Employment Standards
  • Flexible working arrangements for parents
  • Maternity Leave, return to work guarantee
  • Minimum notice and redundancy obligations
  • Unfair Dismissal exposure, in relation to minimum probation and qualifying periods and income levels

* As part of the DiffuzeHR software service, HR Legal will provide general information regarding Workplace Relations and Workplace Safety law (by phone or email support) to current subscribers of DiffuzeHR. It is expected that as part of the service provided by HR Legal that DiffuzeHR subscribers using this service will have familiarised themselves with the information contained within DiffuzeHR. Limits may be placed on services offered where this has not occurred.

Pricing and features

Features that put you in control

DiffuzeHR$6.00 per employee
per month
Advantage+$8.50 per employee
per month

Note: Minimum of 10 users; pricing excludes GST

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Getting Started

Simply click here to purchase DiffuzeHR today

Purchase DiffuzeHR today

With DiffuzeHR you can be up and running in a matter of minutes – we have done the thinking for you. However, should you wish to alter any of our documents, role descriptions etc. we can do this for you, or teach you how to do it – it’s that simple.

Business Setup

*Business Setup — Minimum $450 +GST

Purchase DiffuzeHR today

"DiffuzeHR is great for small businesses who don’t have the resources required to keep up to date with HR legislation changes and need automated efficiency. Essentially, it’s one less area to worry about when running their business, and that peace of mind is invaluable."

Sam Rotberg
Director, AS Partners
Create peace of mind with DiffuzeHr like AS Partners did.

"For me, Diffuze helps us to simplify the HR management tasks with an easy-to-use software that covers all the aspects of HRM life cycle, especially an impressed HR documentation management and notification."

Van Pham
Office Manager, Fruitful Tech
Utilise and benefit from an end-to-end HR system like Fruitful Tech did.

"This HR system keeps everything right on track from recruitment to employee management. My staff and I are saving time which allows us to focus on the business. We absolutely love this system."

Sharon Hamilton
Director, Fella Hamilton
Free up time to focus on your core business like Fella Hamilton did.

"Diffuze is a cost effective and efficient way for our accounting practice to manage our HR requirements, with the ever changing landscape it is impossible for us to ensure that we are on top it, Diffuze ensures that our HR policies are up to date and our staff are well informed."

John Pititto
Partner, Mead Partners
Free up time to focus on your core business like Fella Hamilton did.

"Great to have a practical, out of our hands, ready to use tool to address some long standing critical HR requirements."

Heath Ragg
Principal, Myriad IT
Resolve your HR compliance issues like Myriad IT did.

"DiffuzeHR revolutionised our way of handling new employees, from our old paper based system to a new organised method that easily educates personnel, making them fully aware of our company policies and procedures."

Jeff Nadelman
Managing Director, Mor Cosmetics
Improve your onboarding efficiency like Mor Cosmetics did.

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