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Case Study: Child Australia

Child Australia

DiffuzeHR delivers 100% compliance and streamlines HR admin for Child Australia

Child Australia works with children, their families, early childhood professionals, and the community to raise the status of children in our society. As one of the leading early years Not-For-Profit organisations in Australia, Child Australia is dedicated to improving children’s developmental outcomes through advocacy and leadership, building the capacity of the sector, and delivering exemplar programs and services to children and their families.

The problem

Rampant documents and compliance risk 

Kerryn Weir, Payroll Officer at Child Australia, says, “We’re a rapidly expanding organisation, and have grown from about 40 staff to 150 staff in recent years. During this time, we’ve had a couple of HR managers who helped us put a number of templates and policies in place around HR. As a result of this, we were quickly overwhelmed by a large volume of Excel spreadsheets, documents, and folders, which made finding what we needed quite difficult.

We also lacked the manpower to ensure that all of our policies were compliant with legislation, and that was becoming a real concern. Our most-recent HR manager suggested that we needed an automated, online system that would provide us with ready-to-use compliant documents and streamline our HR management processes, and that’s when we went looking and found DiffuzeHR.”

The solution

An affordable, best-practice HR system

Marc Spradbury, Chief Financial Officer, says, “A quick google search brought up DiffuzeHR, along with EnableHR and Sage. We quickly ruled out Sage because that operates on a licensing model that just wasn’t going to work for us as a Not-For-Profit. We organised presentations from both DiffuzeHR and EnableHR, and Barry Lehrer’s presentation on DiffuzeHR was miles ahead. The system was explained in simple terms, and we could was going to add a great deal of value to our organisation.

“The other big selling point was DiffuzeHR’s partnership with HR Legal. Every single document, policy, and process is created and updated by HR Legal on your behalf as legislation changes, so you can be sure that everything is 100% compliant at all times. The final clincher was the price. DiffuzeHR was much more affordable, and as a Not-For-Profit working to a tight budget this was really important to us.”

Kerryn says, “Once we’d decided to go ahead with DiffuzeHR, I sent all of our employee information to our Account Manager, Hayley, for the initial set up. I then had a quick training session, which gave me the knowledge I needed to be able to customise certain forms and letters to suit our purposes. It’s all fairly user friendly and intuitive, so I picked it up pretty quickly. We also had a couple of on-site visits from Barry which were a great help during that  initial set up phase.

“At that point, our HR Manager decided to move on, and I made the call that because we now had DiffuzeHR, we wouldn’t need to replace him. That was a big cost saving for us. Together, Marc and I are now able to manage our HR without extra help, because everything is so much more efficient in DiffuzeHR.”

“The system was explained in simple terms, and we could see it was going to add a great deal of value to our organisation.”

The benefits

Cost savings, time savings, and peace of mind

Kerryn says, “In addition to that cost saving, the real benefit for us has been a big reduction in the time spent on HR admin, particularly around our onboarding process. Before DiffuzeHR, this process would have taken me at least an hour. Nowadays, it only takes about 15 minutes. I have document packs all set up and ready to go, position details set up, and all I have to do is enter in the new staff person’s details, an email gets sent to them, they read and print the required documents, and it’s all done. I can also easily pull up their record and see what they have and haven’t  signed, so I know where they’re up to. All of our information is centralised, and I know without doing anything that all of our documents are 100% compliant, so from a general management perspective that saves a great deal of time too. In terms of system support, Hayley is always great, and Barry has also been incredibly responsive when we’ve had minor issues.”

Marc says, “Overall, we’d definitely recommend DiffuzeHR to other Not-For-Profits and small organisations. It offers 100% compliant, up-to-date documents and policies which is so important, and massive time savings because everything is centralised and streamlined. We’re so pleased with the system, in fact, that we’re currently working with DiffuzeHR to offer it as a packaged service for our childcare centres. Overall, I’d say DiffuzeHR is a simple-to-use, best-practice HR system at an affordable price. As a Not-For-Profit, you can’t argue with that.”

Diffuze HR was much more affordable, and as a Non-For-Profit working to a tight budget this was really important to us.


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