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Happy workers are productive workers!

There’s no denying it – the happier your employees are the more productive they are. But how do you get your employees to work hard in order to help your business grow? Luckily, there are some simple steps that you can take to motivate your staff that don’t require a great deal of effort or […]

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DiffuzeHR’s Festive Guide – Keeping it safe and fun

The festive season is a wonderful time. For a business, it is a great opportunity to build relationships with employees, clients, suppliers and all the people who are integral to your business success. It also gives a great chance for the business to reflect on the year’s achievements and successes whilst also providing an opportunity […]

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How to make a flexible work policy successful

These days the workforce is a complex thing. Working hours are no longer a one size fits all.  A lot of employees now place a greater importance on work-life balance and as a result so should businesses. Now days there are so many types of flexible working arrangements available – from working from home, part […]

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Did you know? Tips and tricks of the Diffuze System

Signed or unsigned? We have done the chasing for you. Gone are the days of chasing paperwork – following up staff for lost forms or trying to decipher illegible handwriting. If you’re using DiffuzeHR you have already eliminated the paper trail by moving to a truly paperless cloud based environment.  Challenge 1 completed! You might […]

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It never hurts to ask “Are you ok?”

Last week was R U OK? Day – a national day of action dedicated to encouraging people to connect and check in with others that they may be concerned about. The simple act of asking that question can help to open up a line of communication with someone who might desperately need it. Mental illness […]

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Measure what matters – Developing effective and meaningful KPI’s

If you’re serious about performance measures, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a valuable tool to help manage your business’ performance. KPI’s are goal based indicators that can help keep your employees on track and striving to do their best.  But if you don’t have a proper process in place to develop and measure those KPIs […]

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Baby it’s cold outside! Don’t fall victim to the winter blues

A chill is in the air and the days are getting shorter. People start to spend more time inside and that dreary winter weather can play havoc with employee motivation and productivity. But don’t let that get your employees down. Now is the time to help them get back the spring in their step. Below […]

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Employee tweets about the workplace after hours – what can you do?

Case: Social media use after hours An employee of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship applied to the court for an interlocutory injunction to prevent adverse action by her employer, who she believed was planning to terminate her employment. The employee used a Twitter account under a pseudonym to express her criticisms of government and […]

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